SPNN Data Management Policies and Procedures

Speciality Pharmacy Nursing Network (SPNN) is more than a network of specialty infusion nurses. SPNN is a nationwide nursing network that is focusing on developing and implementing the most effective methods of therapy management for our patients with rare, chronic disorders. The professional staff in our network consists of certified registered nurse infusion (CRNI®), oncology certified nurse (OCN®), immunoglobulin certified nurse (IgCN®), peripherally inserted central catheter nurse (PICC nurse), and infusion certified nurses who administer specialty pharmacy therapies to our patients in the comfort of their home, in physician offices, and in ambulatory infusion centers (AIC).

SPNN is known as the specialty pharmacy therapy industry’s solution because our experienced executive team has successfully developed and implemented an innovative service model to help overcome the challenges of delivering powerful and effective specialty pharmacy therapy management. SPNN has a strong commitment to customer service and our team delivers the highest quality of nursing services nationwide. We also eliminate barriers to effective adherence management and retention by emphasizing evidence-based medicine and optimizing clinical treatment outcomes at the lowest cost. But that is not all–SPNN also delivers the industry’s solution for nursing coordination of care, clinical assessment, and customized outcome data. This article will go into greater detail on the SPNN data management policies and procedures.

SPNN Data Collection and Management Services

There are four distinct services that SPNN offers in the data collection and management area. Those services and procedures are listed and described below and can be seen on our website here:

  1. Data Management and Integration
  • Aggregated de-identified data reporting that is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • Assessment and surveys that are developed based on the Best Practice Standards
  • Integrates with all of the existing pharmacy dispensing systems
  1. Administrative Control
  • Centralized administration and database management for better administrative control
  • Reliable and quick response time (we have your back)
  1. Nursing Resources
  • Functionality to support coordination of nursing in the home, at a physician office, or in ambulatory infusion centers (AIC)
  • Full access to unique and customized nursing assessments
  1. Reporting
  • Relevant metrics demonstrating patient care services that were provided
  • Reporting and marketing capabilities to employers, large specialty practices, and health care plans
  • Customize reporting to support all different types of manufacturer programs


Why Choose SPNN

SPNN is the one stop solution for the specialty pharmacy therapy industry’s needs. Instead of replacing your product, we customize our services to you and serve as an extension of your product and services. For even more flexibility, we can even develop a comprehensive service to fit your specific needs. Our number one focus has always been providing your patients with access to the specialty therapies that they require in a timely manner, without ever compromising patient care or privacy. Our policies and procedures for data collection and management are no different. To get more information on the different services that SPNN offers, give us a call at 1-877-330-7766 to talk to one of our SPNN representatives.

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